Iberá Park

Esteros del Iberá, Province of Corrientes



Project description

Sometimes called "the Argentine Pantanal", Iberá is one of the greatest freshwater wetlands of the planet, with a surface area of more than 3.2 million acres of grasslands and marshes in the province of Corrientes, northeast of Argentina. The ecosystem houses fabulous wildlife which includes more than 360 species of birds.


Since 2010, Fundación Flora y Fauna Argentina collaborates with The Conservation Land Trust Argentina (CLT) to create the Iberá Park (of 1.7 million acres, 1.3 million of Provincial Park plus 370,000 of Future National Park). For this, FFyFA acquired 27,000 acres of private fields of high natural value to be added to those acquired by CLT and to be donated to the Argentinean Government to create the Iberá National Park. In 2016 the agreement for the donation was signed, and the first land nucleus was handed over to the nation. According to the agreement, the last tract of lands will be delivered on November 2019.



FFyFA, also owns a private reserve of 1,200 acres known as Guasuti-Ñu, which is located in the Aguapey grasslands, at the east of the Iberá Nature Reserve. The purpose of this reserve is to serve as a refuge for the threatened pampas deer.


Along with CLT, FFyFA has been active in the reintroduction of locally extinct wildlife species such as the giant anteater, pampas deer, tapir, collared peccary and green-winged macaw. It also collaborates in the on-site breeding program for the return of the jaguar; the top natural predator in the region. In addition to these conservation activities, FFyFA is collaborating with municipal, provincial and national authorities in the training of local people so that they can provide tourism services in the communities of San Miguel and Concepción del Yaguareté Corá.



Photos: Florian von der Fecht, Fabián Mattiazzi, Karina Spoerring



The Iberá Park is located in the Province of Corrientes, northeast of Argentina. It consists of 1.3 million acres of Provincial Park plus 370,000 of Future National Park (land in process of donation).



This project is developed in collaboration with The Conservation Land Trust Argentina, and with municipal, provincial, and national authorities.



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