El Impenetrable National Park

Province of Chaco



Project description

The Chaco region is the second largest block of forests in South America after the better known Amazon region, but it suffers from an even higher deforestation rate. With few protected areas in this vital habitat in ecological terms, the idea of establishing a new national park from the former estancia La Fidelidad - after the death of its owner - was quickly and widely accepted by the public and government authorities. Sofía Heinonen, president of Fundación Flora y Fauna Argentina led the effort to create the park, promoting a model public-private collaboration system, where conservationists from Argentina and abroad, together with business organizations, legislators and non-governmental organizations, contributed to the success as a whole. In October 2014 El Impenetrable National Park was created, with 316,000 acres in the province of Chaco, being the largest national park in northern Argentina.



The land use history in La Fidelidad, with its low human occupation and years of hunting restriction, added to its strategic location on the borders of the Bermejo river, and its large surface of continuous forests, are factors that provide an unbeatable scenario for the conservation of the Argentinian Chaco ecosystem. This area known as El Impenetrable, is one of the last portions in good condition of the Great Chaco in Argentina, housing endangered wildlife such as the jaguar, the giant anteater, the tapir, the Chacoan Peccary, the giant armadillo and the crowned eagle.



The presence of different environments in the interior of the park is the key to its great diversity: there are forests of tall quebrachos, acacia formations, riparian forests, palm trees forests, forests of cardon cacti, grasslands, and even one of the last wetlands in the region. The diversity of environments and the abundant wildlife which is easy to see, together with the possibility of navigating the lagoons and rivers that cross the area, make the region an attractive destination for adventure and nature tourism. The rich culture of the Aboriginal Wichis and Qom communities can be added to its resources, together with the local groups living in the surrounding areas. The ecotourism development of the park could diversify the stagnant economy of local communities.


Currently FFyFA works with the communities neighboring the park and collaborates with the management of the park with the establishment of a biological station.



Photos: Emiliano Lasalvia, Jorge Cazenave



The Impenetrable National Park is located in the north of the province of the Chaco and limits with the region of the Impenetrable, that received its name by its closed vegetation and scarcity of water that prevented its exploration. It is made up of 316,000 acres located between the Teuco- Bermejo and Bermejito rivers.



This project is developed in collaboration with the authorities of the Province of Chaco and National Parks, and with The Conservation Land Trust Argentina.



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